5 Laws That Will Accelerate The Slowest Metabolism!

We usually slow down our metabolism with every day habits that provoke him with a reduced work, to encourage the “engine” of our body to go with easiness in fifth gear we should follow these simple laws …

Mini meals – If several hours after lunch you feel hunger you should not ignore it, because if you do that and you wait for dinner, then you will be tempted so for dinner you will eat twice as much food. You must listen to your soil or stomach, so if it requires from you to eat some meal just to enhance it, it will do wonders for your metabolism. Just make sure you eat a healthy meal, such as yogurt, vegetables or fruit.

Laugh – as it may sound trivial, laughter elaborates metabolism because with a laughing you awake every cell in your body. While you laugh, your energy goes up by 20 percent, as the number of heartbeats, and for 10 minutes laughing even 10 to 40 calories disappear from the body.


Seafood – salads are the ideal choice for a meal because of the necessary amounts of fiber and nutrients, and the supplement as salmon or sardines additionally improves metabolism. Salmon and pilchard at least twice a week should be found in your plate because control hormone leptin, which is responsible for accelerating the metabolism.

Slow consumption of food – fast food “destroys” the metabolism and center in the brain who reports to the body that is a sieve, and the nerves send signals to the brain that the stomach is spread and that it needs more food. At the same time Gels hormone, which is produced in the stomach when we are hungry, sends a message to the brain that we are satiated even 20 minutes after starting a meal.

Green tea – well-known green tea still holds the leading position of the beverage which accelerates metabolism, thanks to the abundance of antioxidants it contains. With regular exercise and drinking at least two cups of green tea a day not only the body will start to work faster, but the amount of accumulated fat in the stomach decreases.

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