Sitting is One of Your Biggest Enemies

In a study published in the journal “Journal of National Cancer Institute”, scientists claim that people who spend several hours a day sitting have 66 percent greater risk of developing some form of cancer, than those who are physically active.

The study involved 43 subjects and the researchers found that the relationship between sitting and risk of cancer is strong, no matter how much some of the respondents were physically active.

In other words, even those who regularly train or engage in any physical activity, are at greater risk of getting sick, if besides workout spend several hours a day sitting in front of computer or TV.


The survey found that more hours of sitting is associated with a 24 percent higher risk of developing colon cancer and 32 percent with cancer of the endometrium and 21 percent higher risk of lung cancer.

When researchers examined the sitting habits, they found that watching television was associated with the occurrence of colon cancer and endometrial cancer.

For every two hours that respondents spent sitting, the risk of colon cancer increased by 8 and the risk of matrix cancer to 10 percent.

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