Disturbing video: This is How Lungs Look After Only 60 Cigarettes!

If you’re comforting and thinking that you smoke just a few cigarettes and it will not hurt you, then do not continue with reading, as follows abruptly ‘sobering’. We caution you that the video has disturbing content.

AU Ryan, professor of Tung Chi Ying school in Hong Kong made a video with students who wanted to prove how dangerous smoking is. The reason was his concern over the decision of most of his students to start smoking.


The video shows two pig lungs, one healthy and one damaged – and after just 60 cigarettes smoked. Liver who draw in cigarette smoke is visible damaged and dark, while the trachea is also blocked by toxins, reports Daily Mail.

AU experiment was done in a way that merged lungs with air pump and thus simulating breathing. Both lungs were healthy at the beginning of the experiment. One breathe normal air, the other a mixture of air and tobacco smoke, specifically 60 of them.

You can clearly see the results on the video, which we repeat, has a disturbing content.

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