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Ear wax protects the eardrum of litter and damage and ensures antibacterial protection. It serves as a kind of lubricant required for the work of eardrum. Therefore, it is not good often to be removed by cotton buds!

Which of them told you first, if your mother or grandmother, was right when she said that you mustn’t put the cotton bud deep into your ears, writes Huffington Post.

To understand why this is so, we will explain what the so-called “ear wax” actually served. The main purpose of the wax is to protect the ear canal, explained Dr. Douglas Backus, president of the hearing board of the American Academy of otorhinolaryngology.

Not only that protects the eardrum of litter and damage, but also ensures antibacterial protection and serves as a kind of lubricant required for the work of eardrum.


One of the biggest mysteries of the human body is actually this: your ears are cleaning themselves. When ear wax dries, every shift of your jaw, whether you are eating or talking helps in drawing out the ear wax from the inside of the ear on its surface. “It’s like some sort of conveyor scales,” explained through joke Dr. Backus.

The problem occurs when we cease to believe in the capabilities of our body and with various cotton buds we are trying to accelerate the natural course of events. We think we are smarter than our body, so with cotton buds for ears we are trying to clear them. But at that moment, we just enter the wax deeper into the ear.

Also, we think that cotton end of a cotton bud is small enough, but in fact is so large that suppress the wax deeper into the ear. We manage to remove only a small part of the wax, but it is not nearly the amount of what we have placed deeper.

“So in that way we enter the ear wax into the parts that are not cleaning themselves, and then come the big problems,” said Dr. Backus and explains that this phenomenon can cause various bacterial diseases that may eventually result in hearing loss.

Every day more than 12 million Americans visit a doctor with pain in the ears, and yearly in this country are performed more than 8 million surgeries.

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