How to Lose Weight, Only Using The Hot Water?

Probably many of us at least once in a lifetime were on a diet. In those moments, the best that could happen to you would be to speed up the metabolism and thus to motivate the digestion. In order to boost the loss of calories we show three simple recipes with hot water:

1. Morning Drink:

It helps in weight loss and stimulates metabolism

– Cup of hot water
– 2 tablespoons lemon squeezed
– Tablespoon honey


2. Morning and evening:

Stabilizes blood sugar, it gives a feeling of satiety and reduces hunger

– Cup of hot water
– Tablespoon cinnamon
– Tablespoon honey

Drink half a glass in the morning on an empty stomach and a half in the evening after dinner.

3. Once in the day:

It alleviates the need for sweets and stimulates digestion.

– Cup of hot water
– Tablespoon cinnamon
– Tablespoon honey
– a spoon squeezed lemon

Let the water be hot, but not excessive, so you can drink it. It will speed up your metabolism, and will contribute to more often going to the toilet.

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