The Dark Side of The Weakening: Consequences of the Diet That Nobody Talks About

You take down a few kilos and you’re on the moon. in fact it was your goal. But rapid diets have a dark side and consequences that is not talked about as much as should.

Loose skin

Melting fat in critical areas of the body, does not come with solid abs on the belly. If you lose a lot of weight you could end up with excess skin which because of the undersized elasticities can hang down. The skin will be relaxed in people who for a short period of time lost many kilos, but also in people in old age.



Reducing the weight is usually associated with improving mood and self-esteem, but a recent study found that people are prone to depression because of the change of appearance.

Interruption of connection

It is not rare that two people who live together to put on a diet at the same time. However, the mutual holding of various diets can lead to disagreements, especially if one had better go.

Stomach pain

People who lose weight quickly can develop problems with a stone in the stomach, which is followed by stomach pain, nausea, and sometimes fever.

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