How Much Health Contains One Apple?

Regardless of whether it is red or yellow the apple is a treasure trove of nutrients and there are many reasons for us to eat more often.

Here are seven reasons why you should eat at least one apple a day.

1. It contains important antioxidants
Although most fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, apples contain most importantly – quercetin that reduces the harmful effects of free radicals, strengthens the immune system and protects us from many other diseases.

2. Keeps our vision
Given that are rich in antioxidants, apples can act preventively as well on the appearance of cataracts.

3. It is rich in fiber
The apple is an excellent source of fiber, so it helps the proper functioning of the digestive system. In addition, the fibers can regulate appetite and keep us fuller for longer.


4. Cleans the liver
This juicy fruit is beneficial for the health of the liver and helps him get rid of toxins. Here is an opportunity of detoxifying in a simple and tasty way.

5. Protects Heart Health
One of the most important health benefits of apples is its effect on the heart. The fibers with whom the apple is rich reduce levels of bad cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Exactly the apple is the one who prevents clogging of the arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.

6. Increases endurance
If you want to increase endurance, eat an apple before training. Apple increases the flow of oxygen into the lungs, so you can longer and more easily to practice.

7. It helps with weakening
You’ve probably heard that people who take care of their diet have more smaller meals throughout the day. Apples are considered as a meal, and is particularly useful in the morning when you can speed up weight loss. When you get hungry, eat an apple instead of chocolate or crisps.

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