Hidden Dangers of integral food – Who are They?

If it is integral, it must be healthy! Are you sure this is really the case? Sequence studies have argued the exact opposite!

A scientific study has shown that these foods are not as healthy as you think! After reviewing more than 500 products containing whole grains of cereals (such as wholegrain muffins, breads, crackers and chips), it was determined that products with mark of natural cereals actually contain more sugars and calories.


While integral products contain fiber and less saturated acids from their refined subgroup, researchers say that the food industry has established rules according to which integral products should receive confirmation of validity.

Therefore, all of this may sound confusing for those who want to feed healthier. Although integral food has many advantages (soothing effect on the stomach, lower risk of developing diabetes) would be good previously to check its nutritional values than completely eject from using it.

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