Warning! Stop Eating Tilapia Before It’s Too Late

Tilapia is kind of fish that has no bones and skin. This fish is cheap and it is very easy to cook. That is why it is among the most favorite fishes and can be bought in large quantities. This fish is also easy digestible and it contains omega acids which are beneficial for our overall health. However, there is one thing which is not so positive in the whole story and you must know it.

You should be very careful when you buy this fish and you are planning to cook a delicious dinner. It is very important to know from where this fish comes from. Not all of the fishes in the stores come from natural and clean waters. Some of them are grown up in factory farms. In this case the fish are fed with many different kinds of feeds and fertilizers instead off algae and plants in the open clean waters. Also, the farms use many chemicals for faster growth and to keep them alive.


The tilapia that is is grown in fish farms can cause many health problems. For example it can cause joint inflammations, coronary diseases and asthma.

Another even dangerous issue is that the can cause cancer because they are fed with different chemicals which contain carcinogenic compounds. Tilapia which is grown in fish farms like these contains fewer nutrients and can be deadly. Think twice before buying tilapia from stores again.

Source: healthylifeheadlines.com

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