Put Pepper on the Lemon: The Reason is Great and Will make You do the Same!

These six useful tricks will be more than welcome, and will accelerate the process of healing in the season of flu and colds!

1. Inflammation of the throat

Instead of sugar, add a little honey and lemon in the tea. Can be effective and apple vinegar which prevents the development of bacteria.

2. Coughing

Cut a quarter lemon, sprinkle salt and sprinkle pepper. Then suck out the lemon to relieve coughing.


3. Stuffy nose

Drink a lot of fluids, because it will dilute mucus and prevent clogging of the sinuses. Also, try and exercise, which can help you free your nose.

5. Runny nose

In two cups of hot distilled water add half a teaspoon of salt. With a pipette draw the solution, move your head back and place the mixture in the nostrils. Repeat if you need.

6. Fever

Before going to sleep, soak the cotton socks in cold water. Preheat your feet in a warm bath, then put the cool socks. Through them incur dry wool socks. Thanks to that circulation is accelerated, you feel relief when it comes to fever. Make sure your feet to be covered during the night.

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