12 Body Hacks to Make You Feel Better Instantly!

There are a lot of different hacks that make your life much easier like hacks for cooking, cleaning, and many others. But your body can actually benefit from these so-called hacks as well.

What’s so great about these easy-to-do methods is that they are cheap, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself. Without further explaining and talking, here are body hacks to try to make yourself feel better based on your situation.

#1: Many are afraid of injections because it hurts. So you can help yourself with coughing, as soon as the needle touches you, you should start coughing to lessen the pain. It’s proven by science that a sudden cough can provide a little bit of comfort during an injection.

#2: The itching of the throat can make you feel very uncomfortable and of course, even worse is that is virtually impossible for you to scratch inside. Relieve the itch by scratching your ear. The thing is that you stimulate the ear nerves, which create a reflex within your throat, causing a type of muscle spasm.

#3: This hack is very helpful for people who have a stuffy nose. And here is the solution, you just push your tongue against your mouth’s roof and at the same time, place a finger in between your eyebrows. This will stimulate the vomer bone, causing your stuffy nose to loosen.


#4: This kind of technique or a similar one can be used when you are eating ice cream or anything cold. Just put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and in this way you will prevent brain freeze.

#5: Here’s a good one, it about when you are at parties and music is too loud and you cannot hear the person you are talking to. You should turn to your right side and use your right ear when the person is talking. And if you want to hear a music you can do the opposite. This is best explained by the fact that the right ear is more capable of hearing a rapid speech while the left is for music.

#6: If you get quite drunk at a party here is one thing that will prevent you from feeling dizzy, simply put a hand on a stable piece of furniture or anything that will help support you.

#7: When you are feeling sleepy and you have eaten a lot, just lay on your left side. Your stomach is lower on this part, so food and acid in your stomach will not go up your throat.

#8: If you have a nosebleed you should place a small ball of cotton on this part of the mouth just behind the dent below the nose and start pressing. In this way you will will stop the blood supply that flows through the nose.


#9: If you have a toothache you don’t need to buy pain reliever. Instead, rub ice on the area where your index finger and thumb meet. This is very helpful and is a natural pain reliever as it numbs your hand while removing your toothache.

#10: Here is a good advice for those who are having pins and needles in their hand. You just need to move your head and neck to decompress the nerves that cause your hand to fall asleep.

#11: Often happens to us, when we have an important event coming up we are nervous about it. We can relieve the tension by blowing our thumb. This simple action slows down our pulse and calms us down.

#12: Fall asleep quicker than you normally would by avoiding your bed unless you are ready to sleep. These conditions are associated with each other.

These simple body hacks are very important and we should know them because can make our life much easier, so we will feel better even without the doctor’s advice.

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