Amazing Ingredients of Nettle: See What Does to the Body …

Nettle is used due to iron in slightly anemic persons as it affects the creation of a large number of red blood cells …

Eating nettle improves urination, reduces rheumatic pains and stimulates the secretion of milk in nursing mothers. Is widely used in cosmetics. Extract of nettle root is found in the products against hair loss.

In nettle has many flavonoids, sterols and other ingredients that positively act on our body. Nettle contains a significant amount of chlorophyll, minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron), vitamin C and provitamin A.

Wrist of young nettle leaves should be boiled for 15 minutes in a liter of water, strained and drink throughout the day. Recommendation is to regularly drink nettle tea a month.


Nettle can rarely be found in the menu, although it is a tasty product that can be cooked boiled like spinach or chopped and mixed with eggs in a delicious omelet. It can be prepared in many ways, like any vegetable.

With the use of finished products in the prescribed doses side effects are not observed. But still you need to be careful because high doses can cause skin rashes and constipation. Nettle can not be used uncooked because it can damage the kidneys.

Given that influences on increased secretion of urine, in many uses of nettles should be careful of the loss of potassium and to take foods rich in this mineral.

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