Bad Habits that are Actually Good for Your Health

From little you are learnt that some things are bad and you should not do it if you don’t want to harm your health, but scientific studies have denied all of that your parents taught you.

Do not set the bed

Scientists at the University of Kingston came to the conclusion that if you don’t move the bed this may help you if you have problems with allergy to mites. No matter how hard we try to regularly wash the bedding, the fact is that in your bed every day there are about 1.5 million mites. Dust mites particularly enjoy the dark and damp places, so the nicely adjusted bed is perfect place for them.

On the other hand, the researchers say, if you leave the bed unfurnished, it will give him enough air and light to dry from possible moisture and you will have fewer mites. However, if you’re one of those who always want to have a bed set, the solution is often to wash the bedding.


You swore when you are injured

Probably it happens to accidentally hit the elbow of the door, and then the next five minutes to curse the door and the person who invented the door. Although from little they teach you that swearing is bad (and indeed, in most cases) in such situations, you can give yourself a respite. In fact, research from the University of Kiel has shown that people who curse can sustain pain up to 50% stronger than those who abstain!

One of the theories is that cursing urges us to the “Flee or Fight” instinct.


Loud belching may be rude, but you can prevent abdominal pain. In fact, belching is a normal part of digestion and if you abstain, you cause trouble. The air that we burp contains several substances including carbon dioxide. If you abstain and don’t burp, the air remains in the stomach and can cause pain – says gastroenterologist Nick Reed.

Do not wipe dust

Babies who are exposed to dust rarely suffer from allergies, researchers say, because in that way they gain immunity. One study showed that in children who are exposed to dust and mites actually comes to decreased intensity of allergies – but that does not mean that you should completely stop to worry about your apartment. However, if you forget this week to remove dust, you shouldn’t be worry that it will hurt you or your child.



Although technically gases are not a bad habit, but a physiological need, no one wants to find in the company of someone who omits “doves” of the odor. However hardly any knows that the gases are actually very healthy and that people who deliberately withheld them, can harm their organism.

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