If you Do This, Your Teeth can Fall Off – While You a Sleep!

Breathing problems are able to hinder us in various ways, but at night, when we sleep, can cause tooth decay. Here’s how.

It is known that many habits that we practice endangers our health, and even the health of our teeth, but the real surprise is that it can occur during sleep.

People who sleep with an open mouth, i.e breath through mouth while sleeping, thereby seriously impair the health of their teeth, because is changing the acidity in the mouth due to the lack of saliva, writes Daily Mail.

Anyone who breathes through mouth at night completely dries the oral cavity and remains without sputum, especially in the back near the throat. Spit, believe it or not is a protective layer for our teeth in the sense to maintain a neutral pH level.


The normal pH in our mouth is 7.7 which is quite neutral, is not base or sour. But if dry your mouth, which occurs during the night if you breathe through her, pH is changing to 6.6 which is acidic environment in which teeth decay rapidly.

After dentists, noticed that people who have disruption in breathing, have a higher percentage of caries than those who breathe properly, decided to see what was the matter. Observations of the dentists confirmed and found that the problem is the drying of the oral cavity.

What is particularly interesting is that nearly a third of men sleeping with open mouth, compared to only 5 percent of women who have this problem.

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