Stop Drinking: Seven Things That Will Happen When You Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks

Prettier smile

When you stop drinking sodas you will notice that your smile will become prettier. Fizzy drinks are the main culprits in tooth decay, because they not only contain a high percentage of sugar but contain high levels of acids that cause erosion of tooth enamel. Some studies have even shown that fizzy drinks have the same effect on your teeth like some drugs such as crack and cocaine.

Will improve heart function

There are a lot of evidence that fizzy drinks are not good when it comes to your heart. They significantly affect the increased risk of getting cardiovascular disease.

You’ll have less need to urinate

Carbonated soft drinks are diuretics, which means the more often you consume them more often you go to toilet. Also they are on the list of things that cause urinary tract infections given that the high percentage of sugar in them can provoke the development of bacteria.


Less headaches and better sleep

The headache that you get at work at four o’clock in the afternoon does not necessarily mean that it is due to stress. It is possible that the reason for it is carbonated drink that you consumed the previous day. Namely, it was found that aspartame, a chemical substance that enhances the sweet taste is associated with headache, insomnia and seizures.

You will lose more weight

If you take into account the already mentioned large amount of sugar that is found in soft drinks, which certainly affects the weight, it is not surprising that you will certainly lose weight if you stop consuming these drinks.

Will tighten the bones

In a study in 2014 is proven that the risk of hip fracture at women during menopause increased by 12.5 per cent if they regularly consumed carbonated liquids.

The exact cause has not yet been revealed, but it is thought that caffeine “rips” calcium from the bones, so here’s another reason to say goodbye to fizzy drinks.

Will live longer
Not only fizzy drinks affect the condition of your teeth and heart but they hurt your DNA too.

Researchers from the University of Kalifronija found that consuming carbonated beverages is associated with a reduction of telomeres, protective units of DNA that cover the ends of chromosomes in cells.

More crucially, the telomeres are closely related to human life. Short telomeres are observed in people who are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some forms of the cancer.

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