Dangerous to Health! Three Things that You Must Immediately Throw Away

How many times have you found yourself in a situation you plan to throw away the pills or some part of your cosmetics, but you have given up. Although deposition of things harms the appearance of your apartment, and even more to your health and appearance, some things you should get rid of, without thinking.

1. Old cosmetics

When we talk about cosmetics, the rule is very simple – if it is old, dry or you never plan to use it, discard it without thinking. While the wet decorative cosmetics powder, mascara and eye shower, over time begin to develop bacteria, eyeshadows and blush after the deadline no longer have the same effect on the skin. As for preparative cosmetics if on the creams or face masks the validity is expired or have changed color or structure, did not place them on the skin as they may cause severe allergic reactions. The same goes for sunscreen creams that shouldn’t be used for two seasons in a row.


2. Old brushes and shower sponges

According to the latest research, the things you use to wash your body may be the dirtiest items in your home. This certainly applies to the sponges or brushes for showering that you use for too long.

The bacteria rapidly grows on wet places, and the fibers of our devices for showering are like created for breeding bacteria. If you use the shower sponges for too long, it will begin to create the bacteria and fungi that can seriously harm our health.

Do not use the brushes and sponges more than 3-6 months, and if you want maximum protection, after showering soapy the sponges, wash them well then leave them close to the heat source to completely dry.

3. Medications

Although the primary function is to keep our health or to cure us from various diseases, old medicines from our home pharmacy can become dangerous. The average duration of the medication is approximately one year. Everything above that reduces the action of the same or, in some cases can become dangerous to health. The same applies to medications that are not in original packaging.

If you notice that the protective foil on the packaging of the pills is punctured or the pills fell out of the box, do not use it, but immediately discard them in specially designated places for such waste.

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