Detoxify and Strengthen Your Liver with this Beverage

Of all of our organs the liver is considered as the heaviest organ in our body and as the largest gland as well. It serves us in the way that produces substances that aid in digestion, synthesis of protein and regulation of the number of red blood cells, and if you ever wondered where is located, it’s in the upper right quadrant just below the diaphragm, from where performs many different functions. However when we think about the liver, the first think that’s on our mind is his connection with the metabolism of drugs, alcohol, sugar and cholesterol.

That’s why many people who have damaged liver its because their poor eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. The liver have many tasks and when is overload with heavy work it’s likely to end up damaged. You don’t want to end up with liver disease because it can have a terrible effect on your health and as well on various other organs.


So the solution is very simple, eating healthy food and changing your lifestyle on better can keep the liver in a tip-top condition. There are also so many different home remedies on the internet that are known to promote liver health, not only the ones that we are use to, like non-stop going to a doctor and the same old treatment methods. Here is one particular homemade juice that is proven as liver-friendly, but first let’s talk about some matters that are associated with liver disease. Knowing them allows you to see just how important it is to take really good care of this organ of yours, and to pay attention to your health.

Let’s start with the most common health conditions that can damage your liver. They are hepatitis and infection with the Epstein Barr virus, and also one of the biggest enemies for the liver are the intake of excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Like for many other organs the enormous consuming of fatty and sugary foods is also bad for the liver. Many of these foods are the kinds being sold at fast food joints as they are deep-fried in animal fat and contains a lot of starch, which is actually sugar. We live in a world in which everywhere we turn we are surrounded by processed products, which can also damage our liver. That’s why it is important to take in a consideration what kind of food we eat.

That’s why you should take care of your health and stay away from all the things that were mentioned above. Also, it’s a great idea to take a particular juice and its simple recipe, which is proven to be very good at detoxifying the liver and restoring. Follow the steps for this simple recipe if you want to have healthy liver:


– 250 grams of chopped up pears
– 2 centimeter long piece of ginger, minced
– 1 medium-sized lemon
– 25 grams of chopped up celery
– 125 grams of shredded cabbage
– 10 grams of fresh mint leaves
– 500 milliliter of water


1. Place your cabbage, pears, celery and ginger in a blender.
2. Add half of the amount of your water to them.
3. Blend for a while just to have all of the ingredients mixed very well.
4. Squeeze your lemon juice into them.
5. Throw your fresh mint leaves into the mix.
6. Add your remaining water and blend until smooth.

Unlike other beverages you made a good choice with this one which is proven to help free your liver of impurities and toxic substances, thus allowing it to be in an optimal state and perform its various tasks efficiently!

But if you want this beverage to have a positive effect for your liver’s health you take twice a day — one in the morning and another in the evening. Aside from improving your liver’s health and functioning, this beverage also helps deal with inflammation that is associated by medical experts with so many problems, from depression to cancer. That’s why is also called multi-functional beverage.

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