You Must Know About this Recipe … Confession of a Woman Who Solved a Major Problem

Recently I had a vaginal infection and went to see a doctor.

They gave me all kinds of recipes … and yes, the infection began to recede.

I am grateful to God that I finally decided to go to the gynecologist, every woman knows why, none of us wants a stranger touching down there, especially when it comes to infection.

But after a month, the infection returned, in worse shape.

I did not know  what to do more, so I started looking for a solution online.


Then I came across of a medicine from a woman who had postpartum infection and even stronger than mine and in that helped the garlic.

I thought: garlic, garlic in my vagina? No chance.

Time past, the infection worsened.

I decided to try the garlic.

After my experience, I always advise the girls to shower after the sexual intercourse to avoid infection, and if you already have problems with infection, try to solve it in a way that I did it.


Take a peeled clove and with a needle drag a yarn through it, so the garlic can not be detached from the yarn. Place the inside like a tampon. Switch to every 8 to 12 hours.

And please do this until the infection is completely disappeared, but it may take several days.

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