New Research: Fried Vegetables is Healthier Than Cooked!

Frying is one of the most delicious ways of preparing food, but most unhealthy according to previous research. However, a new study finds fried vegetables is not so unhealthy.

It has always believed that frying can cause cancer due to the toxic chemicals that are released when the oil reaches high temperatures. But a study shows that the truth is the opposite.

The research is published by the journal “Food Chemistry Journal”, and made by a group of scientists from the University of Granada, Spain.


It is done in a way that the food was prepared in three different ways – by boiling, frying and boiling steam.

It is established that in fried vegetables the amount of phenols is increased and its well known that phenols prevent cancer, eye problems and diabetes. How? Vegetables undertakes phenols of oil and thus increases the phenolic compounds in the vegetables.

On the other hand, though the increase phenols the calories are increasing as well. Which means things are not so simple.

Conclusion: You can freely enjoy fried vegetables, but in moderation.

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