Must Read: Chemist Reveals How to Prepare The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Chemistry professor Andy Brueningon the website Compound Interest clarifies how chemistry affects our lives. For example, he reveals what to do and what to avoid while preparing the perfect cup of coffee.

A good cup of coffee should never be bitter. The bitterness of the coffee comes from hlorogen acids that are found in dark blends. In a study published in 1997, researchers found that the bitterness can be reduced if in this dark fluid is added a little salt, but not necessarily to such a procedure if you follow the following tips.

Proportion of water and coffee

Andy Bruening warns that you should first look at the proportion of coffee and water during digestion. Too much water will dilute the taste of real coffee and too little water will highlight the bitterness of this liquid. Usually is recommended 60 grams of coffee per liter of water, but still more useful to adhere to the following extent: on 16 ml water to use one gram of coffee or seven grams of coffee for an espresso.


Digestion of coffee

If you simplify the digestion of coffee in simple terms, we can say that the drink passes through three stages of extracting the flavor. First extracted the fruit acids, the second phase comprises earthworks “caramel” substances, and the third covers the bitter elements. For the best coffee we have to guess the optimal time between the first and third stages. For Espresso coffee, the heated water should be in contact with the coffee, 20 to 30 seconds.

Water temperature

The water temperature also affects the bitterness of the coffee. The ideal temperature would have to be 91 to 96 degrees Celsius. Coffee will ferment if the temperature is higher than that, while lower temperatures will not extract the required flavor of the drink.

Type of coffee and grinding

Neither the very best cooking techniques will not help you if you have a coffee beans of poor quality. There are two-base type – arabica and robusta. The first type is considered more convenient and has better taste than Robusta, which is packed with compounds (phenols and sulfur) that lead to strong and tastes like rubber coffee.


The perfect coffee should be ground just before digestion. Excessive beans in coffee grinder will hinder the recovery of all flavors of it, and the smaller ones after grinding will give too bitter powder. Here, is also necessary to strike a balance.

Finally, if all your efforts fail, you can add sugar and milk to the coffee to neutralize the bitterness of your favorite morning beverage.

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