Japanese Skill – Magic Fingers: A Single Pressure Heals All Ailments

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese skill, art, philosophy and powerful alternative medicine based on the fist or fingers. It aims to balance the energy of the body that is important for the physical and emotional health. Learn to exercise and get rid of problems. According to the Chinese interpretation, each finger means one part of the body, i.e. organ, mental state and physical symptoms. Pressing on each finger, you can balance the body and get rid of certain ailments.

What Jin Shin Jyutsu does for our bodies?

– reduces pain
– relaxes the body
– reduces stress
– regulates sleep
– resolves anxiety and tension
– increases circulation
– boosts concentration
– boosts immunity
– improves skin
– detoxifies the body.


How to use this exercise?

– During the exercises try to relax and concentrate on problems that you have. Breathe slowly and deeply.

– With the opposite hand grab some finger, scope it and squeeze with the whole fist.

– Hold for about two minutes. You will feel the pulse of your finger, but that’s normal.

– During exercise breathe evenly and slowly, as if meditating.

– To exercise the entire body, treat each finger on the fist and hold it for about 3 minutes.


The organs: stomach and spleen
Emotions: anxiety, depression and tension, worries
Physical symptoms: sick stomach, skin problems, headaches, nervousness


Organs: kidneys and bladder
Emotions: frustration, fear, mental load
Physical symptoms: joint pain, muscle pain and back, toothache and palate problems, addiction (to pills, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.), Indigestion.

Middle finger

Organs: liver and bile
Emotions: indecision, resentment and anger, irritability
Physical symptoms: circulatory problems, menstrual problems, problems with the eyes and vision, fatigue, migraines and headaches.


The organs: lungs and colon
Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear of rejection, grief
Physical symptoms: digestive disorders, ringing in the ears, breathing problems such as asthma, deep changes in the skin.

Little finger

The organs: heart and small intestine
Emotions: uncertainty, nervousness, a sense of inferiority
Physical symptoms: problems with pressure, heart problems, sore throat, bloating, problems with bones and nervous system.

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