All doctors Were in Disbelieve By This Recipe for Hair Growing

We all dream and wish for beautiful, long and healthy hair. Because the hair is a big problem among people, therefore are numerous hair treatments which should make your hair grow faster, stronger as well as there are various treatments against hair loss.

But you should try this homemade remedy and not give away your money for expensive treatments. Keep reading and you find out which ingredients you should use and what’s all about:


It’s normal to lose 50 to 100 strands per day which cannot be noticed with the naked eye but if you lose hair all over the body and you starting to find more hair around, then you should be worried. So, here are some directions on how to prepare the remedy:


A tablespoon of organic honey,
Egg yolk,
1/2 banana,
1/2 glass of beer.


The goal is to get a compound mixture, so blend all the ingredients until you get one.

How to use it:

After you have prepared this mixture, apply it on the most affected areas i.e on the bald parts. keep the area warm so that the mixture will enter deeply into the skin. Keep the mixture for several hours and then wash your hair as you usually do. If you want to have positive results and to start to see the effect, you should apply this treatment once a week.

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