Incredible 7 Steps to Lose Weight for 7 Days!

To lose weight and achieve desired weight, it needs more than exercise and diet. If you want to lose weight, you should also change your behavior. These few tips will teach you how to access to food and exercise:

Monday-wise manage your time

It is clear that you are busy and have many responsibilities, but ask you whether you are really that busy? You must always think about the way you spend your time.

Thinking about it, you realize how much time you spend watching TV or doing some other unimportant things. For better organization of time: combine things – while making dinner, make lunch for the next day, distribute obligations, make a list of duties.

Tuesday- do a schedule on meals

All who want to lose weight, always skip a meal, but you should never do that. You need a full amount of nutrients so you perform well. Always eat regularly and try to eat every four hours.


Wednesday-limit meals only in the kitchen or dining room

Eating out of the kitchen or dining room is not recommended, because on that way you get bad habits – eating on the computer or watching television.

Thursday – do not do anything else while eating

If you are doing something else while eating, for example read something, you’ll be less focused on how much you eat. While you eat try to don’t do anything else, and that way you can watch how much food you intake.

Friday-find support

Studies show that it is easier to lose weight if you get support from people nearby. You can always ask them for a walk after dinner or to serve your food in small bowls.

Saturday – take control of your thoughts

Often we find ourselves in a place which will awake in us the desire for food, although we are not hungry. So always on such places take control over your thoughts, or do anything else that will deter you from food.

Sunday – Plan meals for the whole week

If you are organized, you will eat anything that comes to mind. Plan meals for the next week, buy everything you need and thus prevent overeating.

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