11 Herbal Tea For Good Digestion – The benefits of Herbal Teas

Winter is the ideal time to replace sugary drinks with quality herbal teas that are known for their healing properties, and that can help with problems such as constipation, bloating, cramps and weight in the stomach. With all the benefits that they provide to us, they also help us to increase our intake of essential fluids.

Herbal teas that have beneficial effects on digestion:

1. Tea from aniseed (one of the most effective herbs to treat digestive disturbances, especially for problems like sluggishness intestines, bloating and nausea)

2. Fennel tea (soothes the intestine)

3. Ginger tea (ginger relaxes the digestive tract, a real balm for the stomach and intestines and allow food to pass through it smoothly, without delay)


4. Tea from angelica (good digestive, stimulating the digestive system)6-best-teas-for-arthritis-symptoms-722×406

5. Chamomile tea (digestive and soothes cramps)

6. Nettle tea (stimulates the bowel)

7. Tea from dandelion (dandelion root has cleaning effect on the liver, large and small intestine)

8. Tea from milk thistle (regulates digestion and helps with constipation)

9. Tea from yarrow (relieves cramps in the stomach and digestive tract, and helps with flatulence)

10. Tea from chicory (stimulate digestion and is an excellent tool for diseases of the gastrointestinal system)

11. Green tea (facilitates digestion and helps in detoxification of the body)

Sometimes we forget that nature gives us everything that is necessary for health. In search for an ideal solution listen to the signals of your body and you will feel which plant combination is best suited for you.

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