Aromatherapy – Winter Bath for Health and Beauty

One of the most attractive method of applying essential oils is aromatherapy bath

We all know the term Spa is increasingly used as part of a wellness terminology and presents the Latin abbreviation term SANUS PER AQUAM meaning HEALTH THROUGH WATER.

During the winter months exploring nature (especially the sea) are a rarity – most of the time we spend in our homes!

One of the most attractive method of applying essential oils is aromatherapy bath – scented, relaxing and soothing. The baths have long been used for care, relaxation and health maintenance. Famous Cleopatra bath in honey, milk and essential oils surely contributed to its irresistible appeal. Wealthy Greeks and Romans used them daily. Hippocrates stressed the importance of baths and massages in maintaining health.

Using essential oils can create a small spa oasis in the bathroom and thus maintain the connection with nature, improve health, beauty and good feeling!


For this is enough a simple “family” bathtub, essential oils, candles, a few fresh rose petals and good music.

Winter, warm bath can help in the release of stress accumulated during the day, stimulate circulation, peace of mind and thus contribute to the health, beautiful appearance and good mood. For the “winter” bath we will use the essential oil of cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) because of his “circulatory” action. The cypress essential oil stimulates circulation and lymph so will help to warm up and eliminate toxins from the body. Also removes tension, irritability and relieves the effects of stress.

Besides cypress, we will use the essential oil Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlanticus) which has a similar effect as oil cypress. Cedar will also run blood and lymph circulation and help in the interpretation of fats and excretion of harmful substances. This essential oil, deep, soothing scent is effective for colds and flu and is therefore excellent for use in winter. A mix of cedar and cypress enrich we look forward to the smell of another “winter” oils – orange (Citrus sinensis).

The sweet scent of orange reminiscent of Christmas but also on the warm, Mediterranean regions from which originates – so it is an essential ingredient of the winter of aromatherapy blend – whether it is the bath, massage or a fragrant animation space. The effect of orange is focused on reducing stress and tension and will help the recovery from colds and flu.

Here are recipes for winter, refreshing bath:
100 ml soy cream (or 2 egg yolks) Combine with:
10 drops of essential oil of cypress
10 drops of essential oil Atlas Cedar
10 drops of essential oil of orange
Shake vigorously!

After you have filled the bath, add a mixture. Bath can be enriched with 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and thus boost “nurturing effect”, especially if you have dry skin. The temperature of the bath should be between 29 ° and 34 ° C. Decorate the surface of fresh rose petals, turn on several ports, turn on your favorite CD. Immerse the body in the bath, close your eyes and enjoy the fragrant experience!

For those who are not fans of recumbent bath, almost the same effect can have a foot bath!

If we consider the legality of reflexology then we can conclude that the foot bath can act regenerating the whole of our body and our spirit. We will use the same recipe only halved the amount: So the 50 ml soy cream total of 15 drops of essential oils:
5 drops of cypress,
5 drops of orange and
5 drops of Atlas Cedar

IMPORTANT: Do not use this concentration in other media such as salt, usually cream or milk, honey … for mentioned media use the following concentration: at 1 dcl ordinary cream, milk or oil add 8 drops of oil. The same goes for 100 g sea salt or tablespoon of honey.

Generally, when using essential oils it is important to take into account the atmosphere – make sure you create an atmosphere that will make you at least briefly drawn from everyday life (turn off the phones, TV, radio, door bell, clear and edit the space, let soothing music …). In this way we maintain an inner peace and well-being. More importantly, use only 100% pure essential oils and cold-pressed, unrefined vegetable oils. Otherwise, absent therapeutic effect and can have unintended consequences, especially in sensitive individuals. (Persons suffering from some skin or other chronic disease, before use of essential oils, make sure to seek medical advice)

Do not forget the magic effect of essential oils – except that preserve the health and beauty of the body, balance our emotions, mental state and the spirit!

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