WARNING : Lack Of Sleep And Its Consequences !!!!

The consequences of lack of sleep are many and some of them are quite worrisome.

Sleeping can be described as a loss of awareness of what is happening around us. The brain never sleeps, but still continues to function, although the brainwave rhythms are altered and gradually slow as we approach the deeper stages of sleep.


Lack of sleep occurs when we do not sleep as much as we should. Although the need for sleep varies from person to person, an adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night, but to some is enough and significantly less. Children and teenagers need more sleep than adults.

If you feel full of energy and do not feel sleepy during the day, then probably you sleep enough. Public awareness of fitness and nutrition the past few years has increased significantly, but unfortunately, little is known about a very important subject – sleep disorders. They are not included in general medical training, so many years pulling lack of knowledge on the subject among the general public. If drowsiness was only disadvantage of sleep deprivation, it would not be a serious condition. Unfortunately, the consequences are many and some of them are quite worrisome. There are both behavioral and physical symptoms.

Why do we suffer from lack of sleep?

Sometimes the reason’re so busy that we do not have enough time to rest. Or it may cause insomnia or some other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome. Or it may be workers who work in shifts, so they are forced to sleep in the day, when they can not sleep peacefully. Whatever the reason, if you do not sleep enough to create a “sleep debt” which leads to some or all of the symptoms listed below. They range from the inconvenient to the downright dangerous so if you notice any of the symptoms in yourself, look for the reasons for your lack of sleep, so that you can solve.

Stress and anxiety

This can be a vicious cycle as while stress can actually cause lack of sleep, it is also a result of lack of sleep. Fortunately, with the use of proper procedures can solve this problem. Look for opportunities and find out what’s causing, to find the right solution for this problem.

Anger, irritability and depression

All these symptoms are associated with stress and can cause social problems and problems in relationships with people. According to some research, the anger caused by lack of sleep is one of the factors that contribute to road rage. Depression, even though is a complex situation can be described as anger turned inwards. The answer to these problems may simply be more or better sleep.

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Lack of focus and difficulty in concentrating

The brain can be as a result of lack of sleep lose some functions. Students in particular fit into this category as learning requires intense concentration. Research has shown that by the age of puberty to adulthood increases the need for sleep.


Short term memory loss

Memory is affected by lack of sleep. This is particularly a problem for students, and those who want to master new skills.

Reduced ability to drive

There are two reasons for this – one is because it is affected concentration, and the other because of the danger of falling asleep at the wheel. The same goes for anyone who works with machines in the workplace. Lack of sleep can cause blurring of peripheral vision. All this can be a deadly cocktail. The risk further enhances if affected by alcohol!

Suppression of the immune system

This can be a problem because it leaves us vulnerable to every infection that occurs. People who lack sleep get more colds and flu than those who sleep enough. Lack of sleep can make you sick!

Here we have enough reasons to convince you to take action to change your sleeping habits. If you’re up late because you do not have enough time in the day to do all the work, you will have to sacrifice something in order to get enough rest. If a sleep disorder makes your life miserable, do not despair! Visit your family doctor who will help you solve this problem.

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