IMPORTANT : The Skin Reveals Disease…

A good doctor will determine what bothers the patient as soon as glanced at his face

Gentle facial skin is like a mirror which reflected organic changes in the exchange of substances, blood pressure, even the reduced ability of defense against disease. That’s why doctors are paying more attention to the appearance of the body and skin – especially the face – on which are the most visible the first signs alerting the organism.


• Thus, for example, the skin that changes color looks more and more like a very pale white coffee reveals that the kidneys are not working as they should. Yellowish skin reveals malfunctioning liver and gall bladder, and dark flushed face with visible veins can be a sign that your blood pressure is too high.

• Even wrinkles, these common signs of the passage of time, can also mean something else: deep, sharp lines that go from the nose to the ends of the lips announce problems with the work of the stomach. A large number of very small wrinkle on the face of relatively young women may warns the imbalance in the secretion of hormones.

• Even diabetes can be identified by changes in the skin so that an experienced doctor sends on time the patient to a detail check. And we know how important it is as early as possible to determine the disease, especially diabetes.

• And the sweat that occurs on the skin is an important guideline to doctors in diagnosing many disorders in the body. People who suddenly start to sweat heavily, on this phenomenon must alert their doctor.

• Dandruff is considered an unpleasant appearance and few know that reveals treacherous and bad eating habits: too much fat and sugar on the menu!

• The skin reflects some psychological changes: people living under stress or are depressed have a grayish color, while happily in love becomes taut, they don’t have wrinkles, cheeks are healthy ruddy because thanks to lively secretion of sex hormones skin retains moisture better and is more beautiful and looks core.

• See yourself critically in the mirror and who knows what else you’ll discover!

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