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Start your day with a good quality meal, in order to charge the energy for the whole day

The usual habit of 58% of people is to skip breakfast. This is the worst variant. Breakfast should wake up your metabolism, give you a good feel and control body weight.

1. Breakfast carbohydrate-based

When in the morning you eat simple sugars (sugary refined cereals, white bread, toast, etc.), They will immediately cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and the body will return to compensate for the additional load of sugar. Sugar that is not used for energy purposes is converted and stored as fat. The consequence of this was the reduction in blood sugar levels and the desire for more carbohydrates. This cycle is repeated 2-3 times during the day. This vicious circle is one of the reasons for the emergence of major health problems and additional weight.

2. Skipping breakfast

When you skip breakfast, blood sugar drops below the normal level, and you’re craving for food and feel a drop of energy. Again, with the temptation for taking simple carbohydrates you quickly get energy. Simple carbohydrates will cause an immediate increase in blood sugar levels and the body will immediately compensate for the additional load of sugar. The excess sugar is converted to fat. This cycle is repeated 2-3 times during the day. This vicious circle is one of the reasons for the emergence of major health problems and additional weight.

3. A balanced breakfast based on protein

Such a breakfast supplies us with all vital nutrients and energy without undue increase in blood sugar levels. It helps us to avoid dependency on food full of sugar throughout the day. In this way, appetite stays under control, cravings for carbs (snacks, chocolate, cakes, bad candy, soft drinks, etc.) is reduced and the body for energy used some of its own stock of fat. Of course the last choice should be the choice of people who look after their health.


The importance of breakfast

The importance of breakfast should be more likely to remember simply for the reason that statistics show that 56% of our population does not eat breakfast. Thus introducing this meal we will achieve a lot.

If breakfast is skipped, the following happens:

Your body wakes up in the morning and because of the 100 trillion cells begs you, “Hey, give me 114 nutrients and energy that I have spent the last 24 hours!”

Let’s see what you feed him: Nothing! The result is a drop in blood sugar levels and feelings of hunger because you are looking for simple carbohydrates (chocolate, coffee, candy, cookies, soft drinks, etc.).

Raising blood sugar levels forcing your liver to produce more insulin. Insulin moves sugar from the blood and converts it into fat. The result is that blood sugar levels drop, often below those with whom you woke up. You begin to feel hungry and general weakness. To reduce hunger again need simple carbohydrates which again raise your blood sugar level. Each injection with sugar is followed by insulin dose. This process is repeated several times throughout the day, creating a dependence on carbohydrates.

Addiction to carbohydrates overloads and weakens the liver that can lead to diabetes. I personally believe that is the biggest culprit of the increasing rise of type 2 diabetes based on the input of simple carbohydrates, especially at breakfast from the bakery on the way to work. White flour, white rice and pasta is processed, i.e. From these foods are eliminated fibers that slowly release carbohydrates that are digested and automatically converted into sugar.

Too much sugar in the blood damages the blood vessels. Excess sugar insulin will turn into fat. All of the above is the most common cause of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.
And it all starts with bad breakfast!


What to eat for ideal breakfast?

I already mentioned that breakfast is the most important daily meal and that regular breakfast is a desirable eating habit. After 8-10 hours of fasting, the body in the morning is in the first stage of starvation. To start the metabolism of the brain and ensure the necessary energy, the first daily meal should not be too long delayed.

A good breakfast includes milk products as a good source of protein and calcium, whole grain bread or cereal, as a source of complex carbohydrates and fruits as a source of dietary fiber and certain vitamins and minerals.

Jobs excuse is lack of time to prepare a delicious meal, however, if you decide for cereals with high-quality fermented dairy product, for preparation and consumption you will need about 5 minutes.

Do you want low calorie morning meal, choose corn, oat or wheat flakes and pour them with skim milk, or fermented dairy products with low fat content.

However, if you have a need for high calorie morning meal, choose muesli with added pieces of fruit, nuts and chocolate, and pour the milk or yogurt with higher fat content. A good selection are whole grain bread with cheese, non-fat ham and vegetables as desired. Is good to add fruit with every breakfast, if desired.

Good appetite!

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