10 Make up Tips For Woman Who Wear Glasses !

Nowadays, wearing glasses does not have to be an aesthetic problem, because the offer is rich with models for all styles and shapes of faces. Some people who have no diopter, choose to wear glasses as a fashion accessory. If you wear glasses, in this article you will discover a few tricks that make up serve you.

Neutral shades

Sometimes, your model of glasses is impressive enough, so do not have to worry and be weary about the emphasis on the eyes. It is enough, if you really want to wear make-up, use neutral shades of shadows or you can add some shimmer.


Strong lips

Unlike the eyes, lips, you can highlight them as you want, especially using strong colors such as red, pink or orange. This contrast will look great in combination with your glasses.


You can wear mascara

Although in some texts will encounter the assumption that mascara and glasses do not combine, it is not true. Feel free to use mascara, because it will not harm your looks and style.And use an eyelash curler.


Use eyeliner

This combination is more successful if we coordinate lines of the eyeliner and the thickness of the frames.
Or you can smudge your liner along your upper and lower lid.



Blush will reduce the severity of your face, which is often associated with wearing glasses. If you want to look less sharp, use blush.



Some diopter increase your eyes so you can attract even greater attention if add sparkles, especially the lower eyelid.

Adjust your eyebrows

If you prefer, you can use eyebrow pencil for extra effect. Eyebrows are very important, so in no way should neglect them.


If the diopter reduces your eyes, you can increase them using eyeliner on the bottom lid. If your eyes look too big, avoid the eye make-up and focus on other parts of the face.

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