IMMPORTANT : The Best Available Domestic Remedies For Sore Throat!

Do not immediately run to the doctor for antibiotics. Home remedies help his own body in faster healing …

Many people of all ages, especially during the colder autumn and winter months, and even several times in the shorter or longer intervals, experience sore throat. You do not have to be accompanied by fever or any other symptoms of the common cold in order to be extremely unfavorable. The cause of sore throat in winter are the most common viruses, while in a minority of cases comes to bacterial infection.


While the symptoms of sore throat caused by viruses and bacteria may be the same, bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, while viral infections better treat any home, any pharmaceutical medications to relieve the symptoms, which can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription.

Also, in the case of infections that are not accompanied by a high fever for more than three days, is not recommended to go to the doctor. Most otherwise healthy adults has a strong enough immune system, which defends the body only from bacterial and viral infections of the throat and the entire respiratory system, and if you still assist him with “domestic” drug, the symptoms will disappear faster.


You’ve probably heard of some, and some apply in these winter months, but we believe that we will certainly discover a few more little secret domestic pharmacies you did not know. All those “drugs” are completely safe and can very quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms of sore throat, and eventually overcome them.

15 great tips

1. Several times a day squeeze fresh lemon, orange and grapefruit, sweeten it with tablespoon of honey.

2. Drink tea of dried sage, and if you have a problem with a buildup of mucus in the throat, add in the sage the dried marshmallow as well. Sweeten it with honey. With tea sage you can rinse the mouth and throat as wel (in this case do not sweeten it).

3. Drink tea of valerian, helps reduce inflammation and mucus dilution.

4. If you have problems with sinus inflammation or runny noses, rinse the nasal cavity with warm salt water, using the horn to rinse the nasal cavity. Rinsing the nose you will sanitize the mouth as well. Warm salt water can rinse the mouth and throat with gurgling.

5. Daily consume homemade chicken soup with vegetables. It will help your body to get through the cold, and it will be favorable for the throat.

6. Take 600 milligrams of garlic capsules because it has a very strong and effective anti-inflammatory properties and helps to restore the immunity.

7. Drink homemade honey brandy, twice a day per 0.03 mL to disinfect the throat.

8. Eat as hot food as you can (with hot peppers), which will help in disinfection of the throat.

9. Inhale for two to four times a day – tea of chamomile, peppermint.

10. Use humidifiers air, especially at night, which will prevent drying out of the throat, and with this worsening inflammation.

11. Use a spray of propolis and propolis drops, two to three times a day, which will help in suppressing inflammation.

12. In pharmacy buy vitamin C supplements, and take 1,000 mg per day.

13. Buy lozenges to relieve symptoms of sore throat.

14. In the case of severe sore throat, drink a painkiller: ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen …

15. To strengthen the immunity still can help capsules of probiotics, coneflower, black cumin oil, ginger ..


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