8 Signs Which Show That Your Vagina Is Unhealthy! Here Are 11 Things That You Can Do About It

Vaginal health is extremely important to the overall well-being of women. A healthy vagina is acidic and has high amounts of useful bacteria which keep balanced pH values and help in the fight against bacteria. A small amount of discharge is also normal because it keeps a vagina healthy. You should know that if any of these typical conditions is interrupted, you are at a risk of diseases and infections.

Warning and symptoms of an unhealthy vagina:

– Burning and itching in the vagina and vulva
– Ecessive discharge
– Inflamed and painful mucous membrane
– Appearance of lesions
– Bad smell
– Bleeding (especially after sexual intercourse)
– Dry vagina

Here is how you can keep your vagina healthy:


Try maintaining the pH balance without douching

Douching can reduce the acidity of your vagina by disturbing its physiological pH, and thus can create bacteria or infections. Normally the vaginal pH levels are between 3.8 to 4.5. If your vagina has a strong smell, consult your gynecologist instead of douching it as this will only hide the smell without treating the main problem.

Stay away from junk food

You may didn’t know this, but fast food hinders the pH balance. Sugar, carbs and fruit drinks can all cause yeast infections.

Consume a healthy diet

A healthy nutritious diet is important for your vaginal health. Cranberry juice and yogurt can successfully treat yeast infections, also, in case of dry vagina, you could increase your soy intake.

Practice safe sex

Using protection during sex can prevent you from STDs, some of which are incurable. Oral to vaginal or anal to vaginal sex requires a new condom to stop transferring bacteria into the vagina.

Reduce smoking

If you are a smoker, it is not just your lungs that suffer, the same goes for the vagina – the nicotine hinders the bacterial equality and causes strong smell and blocked pores in the vulva.

Stay away from antibiotics

If is possible do not take any antibiotics. They can have a chain response which leads to yeast infections. If you must take them, consume kefir, yogurt and fermented foods in general to soothe the yeast.

Treat the infections right from the start

There are three common vaginal diseases and these include yeast contamination, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis. Not treating them on time can cause serious health issues. Treat them with topical or oral drugs.

Choose your underwear carefully

Vaginal skin is extremely sensitive, so its good to wear a 100% cotton underwear.

Visit a gynecologist

Having regular gynecological exams is essential for your vaginal health. Each woman should have her first gynecological exam by age 21 or within three years of becoming sexually active. The gynecologist performs Pap smears which can show any changes in the vaginal cells.

Use only water to wash it

You shouldn’t use any hygiene products, it is important to use only water for washing your vagina.

Choose the soap carefully

If you still prefer using something to wash your vagina with, use soaps rich in olive oil – they won’t dry the skin or distort the pH levels of the vagina.

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