Russian Expert Reveals : Here’s How to Strengthen Your immunity in just 15 Seconds!

This simple method can restore the function of the immune system in just 15 seconds, according to the famous Moscow specialist in Kinesitherapy.

Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovskij claims that this is one of the most successful methods to enhance immunity in just 15 seconds. Just fill a bowl with cold water and add a little ice, just to make the water icy.


Make sure to stay away from hot water. Then get in the tub with bare feet and tap in the ice cold water for 10-15 seconds. If you want, you can also dance to some lively music. Get out of the bathtub, dry your feet with a towel and put on a pair of wool socks.

Do this every night and you’ll immediately notice an improvement. f you have the flu, put your feet in the cold water every 4 hours.

Professor Sergey claims that this method won’t worsen your condition, but will strengthen your immunity and help you cure your flu faster.

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