WARNING !!! – Be Aware of These 5 Symptoms and Signs of Kidney Stones!


Concentrated urine causes the creation of hard crystalline minerals in the kidneys knows as kidney stones. Generally, it affects people at the age between 20 and 40. The size and shape of the stones can vary.

The kidneys’ function is to eliminate excess toxins and waste from the body, and cleanse the organism through urination. The urine goes from the kidneys through the bladder and eventually out of the body. If the toxins are not properly removed from the body, they become little crystals which later become stones.

It is easy for the body to eliminate small stones, but this is not the case with larger stones. They remain inside the body and trigger various ailments, because the urethra cannot perform its function and remains blocked. Whenever a kidney stone blocks the ureter, the body goes through a severe pain shock. If you did not know it, ureter is the tube that connects kidneys and bladder. We enlist you the signs and symptoms that indicate that you have kidney stones.


Kidney pain

Pain in the abdomen can occur if a kidney stone is stuck in one of the kidneys. The pain is sudden and severe, and usually worsens. It is one of the worst pains that you can experience. You can also feel pain in the genitals, groin or back.

Renal colic

The pain can remain or go away and come back. The stone moves inside of the kidneys, and can cause sweating and sickness because of the extreme pains. No matter in which position you are, the pain will remain.

Blood in the urine

Stomach pain that is accompanied with blood in the urine is a common symptom of kidney stones. Red or pink color is the result of the rubbing that occurs between the stone and the ureter.


Painful urination, urinary infections and fever are common in people who have kidney stones.

Pain record

If you cannot say with certainty that you have kidney stones, try analyzing the time when pain strikes. Morning pains are more common, because you don’t urinate so often when sleeping at night.


Early symptoms of kidney stones

– Frequent and painful urination – this is one of the earliest and most common signs. It appears as frequent urination and urination of small amounts, even without drinking any fluids.

– Vomiting and nausea – this early symptoms occurs because your body can’t excrete the waste. The function of the kidneys is affected negatively and the body tries to eliminate the toxins through vomiting.

– Smelly, discolored and cloudy urine – this kind of urine which is pungent smelling and cloudy, and occur as a result of the remaining toxins and chemicals in the body.

– Difficulties when sitting or lying – it is common in cases of larger kidney stones. Standing is usually easier.

If you have any of the mentioned symptoms, make sure you consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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