CAN LAZINESS BE BAD??? The Lazy Guide For Weight Loss!!!

Losing weight is hard work. Sometimes the gym is just so far away, and the delicious meals are so right there. But here’s some good news for the lazy person in all of us, here are 18 different ways to help you lose weight and keep it off: no gym membership required. Here’s what to do:

1. Drink Water

It is already known that drinking plenty of water helps the body in every way. It’s not only good for you in flushing out toxins and keeping your organs operating optimally – which further aids in shedding pounds – but water also fills you up so you eat less.
2. Sleep More

Also another important factor for our health is the good sleep. Because if you’re sleeping, you’re not eating, and more sleep means the less energy your body needs from caloric foods. Aim for 8 to 9 hours a night, or at the very least, 1 to 2 more hours than you’re used to getting.

3. Eat Breakfast

As you know, the most important meal of the day is the breakfast. The best is to eat fruit, whole grains, or even a to-go bar. Giving your body energy in the morning kick starts your metabolism to help burn calories for you and keep your hunger pangs in check.

4. Walk 30 Minutes A Day

If you want to be fit and stay healthy it is important to walk every day. So, listen to music, ponder your life’s purpose, or call your mom. Just stay active for 30 minutes a day and you’ll start to see the effects.

5. Eat As Much As You Want!

Yes, we said eat as much as you want, but we didn’t mean to all kinds of foods. Carrots, apples, oranges, edamame, or any fruit or veggie that satisfies your need to nosh. These are filling foods that are good for you, and after a few days, your body will crave those instead of that bag of greasy potato chips.

6. Keep Coffee And Sweets, But Have Them Early

It is good to drink coffee or eat a piece of cake, but have them early in the day, not right before bed. The sugar and caffeine will inhibit a good night’s sleep, which can lead to overeating the next day.


7. Forgive Yourself

If you missed a workout or eat something that you shouldn’t, don’t beat yourself. Negative thoughts contribute to depression, which can contribute to weight gain and overeating.

8. Snack MORE!

It is good to eat smaller bites throughout the day because will keep your blood sugar from spiking and keep you from overeating if let yourself go hungry for too long.

9. Keep Calories In Food

It is important to not drink the calories. You’ll feel fuller if you have food over a soda. If water doesn’t do the trick, add lemon or lime juice, or a bit of orange zest for a kick. If you’re ordering an iced tea, keep it unsweetened if you can.

10. Chew Gum

You can satisfy the hunger, and buy you some time with a stick of gum.

11. Cut Out Alcohol

Here is not just about the calories that alcohol contains. It is also about the diseases you can get if you drink alcohol. It lowers your metabolism, suppresses fat-burning testosterone, and converts to insulin, keeping the pounds packed on. Essentially, it fuels your body’s desire for fat storage. Give it a rest until you meet your goal, and then introduce alcohol back into your life gradually.

12. Watch TV While Lifting Weights

Lifting 3-lb. to 10-lb. weights is easier to do while you’re watching your favorite show, but all depends on your body frame and goals.

13. Slow Down Your Meals

Slow down while you’re eating. You’ll enjoy eating and feel more satisfied. You’ll also become more aware of when you’re full, helping you lessen the chance of overeating.

14. Meditate And Breathe

Anxiety and stress contribute to weight gain. Meditating helps you calm down and take a moment for yourself. Think positively and focus on your goals. Not only will you feel better and gain more direction, but you’ll be encouraged and re-energized to continue getting healthy.

15. Use A Smaller Plate

It is always better to use smaller dishes, because if your plate looks half empty, you’re going to feel starved; if it looks full, you’ll feel full. So help slim your waist and help fill your stomach, and fill up the plate but make the plate smaller. Try some of these great recipes for healthy but delicious options.

16. Brush Your Teeth

Don’t forget to brush your teeth right after dinner, especially will help curb your need to nibble on dessert. After all, us lazy folks don’t want to brush our teeth twice in the same evening, do we?

17. Do The 7-Minute Workout

You’ll notice positive results if you do your workout at least for 20 minutes a day. Still, 7 to 20 minutes of a heavy workout may require a real effort, but hey, it’s only as little as 7 minutes out of 1,440 in a day. That’s two Pandora songs. You can handle that, right?

18. Kill The Craving

Here, the whole point is to eat whatever you want but in small amounts. For example, if you need a cookie, eat a cookie. Just don’t eat 5 cookies. Want a cupcake? Try cutting it in half and save the rest for tomorrow’s dessert. Just be sure to put the rest away before digging in, so you’re not as tempted to reach for more.

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