How Much Benefit You Could Have From Vaseline?

Vaseline is one of the products that are often underestimated, although this cheap and easy gel can do so much for each of us.

He is the basis of many expensive creams, but did you know that Vaseline can be used for the following things?


Here are the benefits of Vaseline:

1. Lingering smell of perfume

Before spraying your favorite perfume, apply a little Vaseline on the place which you will spray. The perfume will not evaporate as quickly as before.

2. Perfect eyebrows

If you have a fierce eyebrows or hair that is constantly moving and make your eyebrows bushy, apply a thin layer of Vaseline on them and your eyebrows will be obedient.

3. Chapped lips

Vaseline is one of the best moisturizing agents so you can freely use as lip balm as well. Your lips will be cherished, hydrated and sensual.

retouched after 3 days (Small)

4. Beautiful long lashes

If you want your eyelashes to be long and cherished, use the old brush of mascara that you previously have washed the traces of the old mascara and lubricate the eyelashes with the brush on which you have applied a thin layer of Vaseline. Repeat this procedure several days in a row, the change is guaranteed. Note: previously remove eye makeup.

5. You spent all of your makeup

You are about to go out or you’ve forgotten that you worn down your favorite lipstick or shadow. Crumbs of makeup that have been left mix with a little of Vaseline and apply it onto the face, no one will know the difference.

6. Soft foot

Vaseline is great for chapped skin care in general, and if you have this problem with the skin of your foot, Vaseline is the right solution for you. Our advice is when you first apply it to put some socks in order to be hold as long as possible on the skin.


7. Makeup remover

If you have sensitive skin and react to the preparations for the make-up remover, Vaseline is the right solution for you. This product not only will not cause a reaction but is also excellent for removing makeup that does not come off so easily.


8. After waxing

Your skin is red and irritated after waxing, apply Vaseline on the irritated part and leave it to soak up. The redness will disappear very quickly.


9. The cracked ends

If your hair is for a haircut and you don’t want to cut it and change the length, Vaseline is the solution. Lubricate the edges with a little of Vaseline which will apparently cover the cracked edges until you are ready for a new hairstyle.

Woman's lips, close-up

Woman’s lips, close-up

10. Spots of lipstick

Coincidentally you managed to put lipstick on your clothes. Apply a little Vaseline on the stain and rub, stain will disappear immediately.

11. Stains of hair dyes

Dyeing your hair, but you have painted your half of the face with the new hair color. Apply a little of Vaseline on the stained places and gently rub until color is removed.

12. Putting earrings

If you sometimes hurt the attaching and removing of the earrings, lubricate the hole with a little of Vaseline and the pain will disappear.


13. Against wrinkles

With the help of Vaseline you can make a fantastic anti-wrinkle cream.

For what else is used Vaseline?

Vaseline prevents skin damage caused by the effects of weather, relieves psoriasis, skin allergies, fever, eczema, hemorrhoids, removing head lice, is used as an intimate lubricant (you probably know), for the care of male genital skin diseases, prevents bleeding from the nose, and can prevent inhalation of pollen from the air if you smeared on the nostrils.

It can be used as a protective device when painting, so the paint, grease or oil cannot reach to the skin or some sensitive work surface. You can remove a chewing gum from the hair with the help of Vaseline, remove too tight rings from the finger or remove makeup.

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