How Practicing Tai Chi Can Be Good For Health and Balance ???

What is Tai Chi, why do people practice and can everyone do it?

Tai Chi was originally a martial art, they were dealing with several families. Traditionalists believe that it is important for students of this ancient art to remember its roots, because the techniques of relaxation and breath control were developed in order to harm the enemy in an efficient and scientific way.


Today, of course, do not need to practice this skill to our enemy. However, some say that this skill can fight the enemy of fatigue, stress, overwork or lack of understanding of yourself or your body. Daily exercise promotes mental clarity and physical health, helps with balance and improve circulation.

The person that practice Tai Chi moves slowly and gently, with meditation and paying attention to breathing. This is why it is sometimes called “moving meditation”. Many people who practice tai-chi believe that it helps them with the flow of vital energy called “qi” through the body. In the United States, Tai Chi is used as a complementary or alternative medicine. People who practice Tai Chi among others things do it to improve their health. However, it is not yet known what changes occur in the body during exercise and whether it does actually affect the health.

Over the years, developed into several styles and variations. Tai Chi Chuan has developed a family Lang, and there are several variations of these skills. Someone doing Tai Chi for health moves slowly, playing relaxed and graceful movements. These movements create forms or routines. Some movements are named for animals or birds. The simplest style of Tai Chi benefits 13 movements, while more complex styles can use dozens – Taoist Tai Chi has 108 basic moves. Each of these movements flows into the next movement. The whole body is in motion, with movements performed gently and at the same speed. It is very important to keep the body upright while doing the exercises.

Since is little known about its scientific sense, accepting its teachings is a matter of faith rather than scientific evidence. Also, in addition to more traditional styles of Tai Chiu differ.

The essential elements of Tai Chi are breathing and meditation. It is important to concentrate and breathe deeply and relaxed. The benefits of this breathing and meditation include massaging the internal organs, helping to the exchange of gases in the lungs, digestive system, increasing calmness and improving balance.

The health benefits of Tai Chi

People practice Tai Chi for several health reasons:

– In order to benefit from exercise. These are aerobic exercises. Also, the exercise of power, which is beneficial to bones.
– Strengthening the muscles, coordination and flexibility
– To establish a balance. With exercising you reduce the possibility of falls, which is especially important for the elderly
– To alleviate the pain of arthritis and stiffness
– Because of the health benefits of meditation
– To improve dream and sleep, and general condition of the body.

Although Tai Chi for health reasons is considered a safe practice, it is always recommended that before you start any type of exercise, to consult with your doctor.


A few things to keep in mind:

– If your body is not in the right position, not only to can get sore muscles, but even sprain your wrist.

– Instructors recommend that you can’t exercise Tai Chi after a meal, when you are tired or when you are sick

– Be careful if you are pregnant or have a problem with a hernia, joint pain, back pain, sprains, fractures or osteoporosis.

If you are thinking about practicing Tai Chi, ask where you could go on this activity to inquire about the experience of teachers. You can learn about Tai Chi from books or video tapes, but it is always better to learn directly from teachers. They will help you the most with the proper performance of the movement.

Tai Chi is considered a type of healing the mind and body. Healing mind and body focuses on the interaction between brain, body, mind and behavior, and the way in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors affect health. Although Tai Chi has existed since the 12th century, practicing these arts for health is relatively new.

If you ever interested in Tai Chi, find a club where you could learn and practice Tai Chi and try to master this skill!

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