Diet – thinness or disease?

Weight Loss is a long process, where most important is to make a decision about the change of the eating habits


Recent research in Croatia showed extremely high rates of obesity and its associated mortality caused by cardiovascular disease and poor eating habits. Is entered too much saturated fat and not enough fruits and vegetables, fish and olive oil. It is noticeable that due to the excessive weight large numbers of people decide to lose that excess, but usually before summer and with very unhealthy diets – UN diet, Atkins diet, diet by blood group, diet magic oil, … With their “help” the most persistent comes only to short-term positive results, as evidenced by the devastating fact that 95% of people who have lost weight on any of the diets, after its end very quickly notice the return of pounds. Why is that so?

The reason is clear – reduction diets to basal metabolism is reduced to a minimum, and comes to saving energy consumption. The first observance of the cessation of the regime of diet, comes to a very rapid return of pounds and sometimes even an additional gain. Drastic diets cause stress to the body and can cause a range of health problems (acidosis, kidney disease, headaches, nervousness, depression, constipation, …). There are often side effects such as fatigue, mental illnesses, poor quality hair, skin and nails, and sometimes anemia.

Weight Loss is a long process, where most important it to make a decision about the change of the eating habits, but do not starve yourself. It should be able to distinguish between hunger, appetite and satiety. Food should be a source of satisfaction and we should not deny it and ridiculed our life with suffering and torture. You just need to think about what and how you eat. Proper eating habits, and steps to health are considered by slowly eating meals and daily distribution of eating three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks. Breakfast shouldn’t by any means be excluded, although it is most often the case. Pretenses come down to not having time, hurry and overworked, but as long as they were and whatever they are, skipping meals is not a way of losing weight, but it increases the percentage of body fat, which is, of course, much more harmful to the body.


Let us consider possible small modifications of your diet with the help of which you will have a healthy diet, and losing weight:

1. Increase the consumption of fish
2. give priority to white meat versus red
3. eat whole grains (brown rice, whole pasta, barley, buckwheat, oatmeal, …) and seeds (almonds, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, …)
4. Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
5. moderate consumption of milk and milk products
6. limited intake of sweets and snacks
7. Use olive oil and rapeseed oil as the primary source of fat
8. moderate amounts of red wine with a meal (0.2 liters per day)
9. increased water intake – 2 liters a day
10. avoiding carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) as the evening meal, and instead eating protein (fish, meat, cheese, eggs) with vegetables
11. limit the amount of a meal in a plate, i.e enter in your body smaller amounts of food more often during the day.

Motives for weight loss are different, but the main should be only one – health! Better look is just an added bonus changes in eating habits, which, along with increased physical activity make a winning combination. Is not necessarily every day sweating, skating, cycling or swimming. Select the one activity that suits your daily rhythm or take in some of the centers that deal with these issues in a professional and healthiest way, with the goal of long-term results. Think carefully before you begin any diet because they all contribute to the reduction of overweight, but only because of the reduction in input kilocalories per 1,000 kcal per day, without any consideration of how truly human body needs vitamins and minerals for normal functioning. Emphasis should be placed on consequences, that each of these diets leaves health because nobody’s interest to solve a problem, and “pull” other!

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