Interesting medicine for joint problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism…

We can notice variety of medicines for the bones, joints, and injuries of the neck, knee, and feet appearing all over the world.

But the miraculous therapy for these conditions is said to include gelatin and to last a few weeks.

Food gelatin is all you need, and it comes in various shapes with or without sugar or additional fruit flavors. Right before bed, mix a teaspoon of gelatin with a glass of juice, water, yogurt or another drink.

Since stirring the mixture will make it thicker, you can either drink it or eat it. Add milk and cereals if you wish.

If you have stronger problem with your joints or bones, consume it in the morning and evening.

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After just 7 days, this therapy should show effective results by lowering your pain and increasing your joint mobility.

You can do this treatment 4 to 6 weeks.

We recommend this recipe especially for elderly and people with poor mobility.

Gelatin has animal origin and comes from hydrolysis of collagen, a protein which is the most important element in midfield animal tissue: tendons, cartilage, bone…

We unconsciously consume gelatin in different food products like meat products, jellies, gummy candy, and dairy products. You can notice in these products hidden with the name E441.

As we grow older, less collagen is produced in our body, causing interconnection of individual microfibers and resulting in lower flexibility.

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