The man who shocked the world: Cancer can be cured in 3 minutes all you need to do is…

Gregg Braden, the American author who is famous for his theories for treating cancer, emotions have great impact on our DNA. This power is utilized through thoughts like suggestion and prayers, helping us cure any physical disease.

The effects of cancer can be stopped by intent awareness on the synergy between the manifestations and our thoughts, and there is a field that unites everything. The field he names is proven and explained scientifically in the leading science journal Nature No. 332 in 1996.


The control of emotions and thoughts

Our emotions and thoughts form electromagnetic field, whose waves reach 1 meter of our body. We talk about focused thoughts, or collective thoughts that create an extremely powerful electromagnetic field. This has an impact on the environment. After the establishment of this technique, this will no longer be a fiction but a serious technology that will present the basis for treatment.

A Chinese hospital recorded a video which is a real proof. The video shows the elimination of a cancer with a size of 3×2.5 centimeters in about three minutes, and follows the whole process on an ultrasound screen. If you want to produce strong electromagnetic radiation you need to learn to control your feelings and emotions, as well as to enhance them with practice.


Our feelings are able to change our DNA

Our emotions and feelings are like mirrors. Everything we do is reflected in the environment so we receive the same thing we have in ourselves. If we say that we will be happy, cured, find a new job, etc., then the mirror will be able to respond to us, telling whether these things will come true. But, if we feel and say that we are changing here and now, as if this is actually happening, our DNA will change and we will really change as a result. The majority of experts claim that emotions, feelings and faith have nothing to do with the physical state of our body or the treatment of diseases, but the psycho-oncology says a different story. It is our emotions, thoughts, faith and feelings that have the power to control everything that is happening in our lives and ourselves.

Don’t forget that emotions can change our DNA.

Watch the video below.

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