Now With Feng Shui You Can Boost Your Vital Energy ?!?


We are seeing more pronounced climate change that is caused exactly by the man. We used after cold winters to enter into the warm spring and thereby suffered from the so-called spring fatigue.

Today more and more people are complaining of sleep problems (either in the form of insomnia, either as excessive need for sleep), fatigue, malaise, lethargy, irritability, a drop of vital energy … that feel for a long time. Nothing strange, the whole natural system is disrupted.


How to help yourself? What to do to more easily get through these climate changes and symptoms that they cause on our physical and mental health? Feng shui of course can not cure depression and other symptoms, but it can create an environment that will stimulate our vital energy. Therefore, with natural sources of vitamins and antioxidants such as citrus fruits, apples and other fruits and vegetables I suggest that you enter a small changes in your home as well.

As has been scientifically proven, paint has a powerful effect on our physical condition. Therefore, they can be successfully used to reduce negative moods and lethargy. Three colors that we can significantly improve mood are red, yellow and green. In nature, we associated the colors with their origin and the message to us that the source provides.

For example, the sun is perceived as yellow. Therefore, yellow color sends a message of light and shine. Sunlight stimulates the production of hormones of well-being that allows us to identified yellow color with optimism.

In nature, the largest number of flowers is red and not without reason. Bright red attracts birds and insects that pollinate flowers. Red sends a message that urges us to take action, promotes excitement and enthusiasm.

The pigment that gives inking to most of the plants – chlorophyll – is green. Chlorophyll contains an enzyme that promotes growth and development. Green is associated with the growth and renewal and is essential for encouraging our spirit and positive mood.

Therefore we advise you to enter a fresh green, yellow and red in the home. Put a vase of flowers of these colors in a visible place, decorative pillows in yellow, red and green tones on a preferred seat and in any other way to add these stimulating colors in your home.

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