This Is How To Get Rid Of Ugly Inner Thigh Fat In Just One Week!

Common thing is for women to gain weight and it almost always the fat is stored around the thighs, bottom and hips. Such fat is not easy to melt down and can be really frustrating. This is making it harder for you to wear what you really want like bikini or some jeans, without uncomfortable feeling. So in this article we’ll show you how to burn the thigh fat.


Step 1: Workout

-Lie down on a flat surface with your surface down. Try to point them toward ceiling by lifting your leg. Repeat no less than 20 times by holding in this position for 15 seconds.

-Do squats and hold for a few seconds when you reach the lowest position of a squat.

– Stand no less than 12 inches (1 foot) far from a wall. With your feet still in the same position, touch the shoulder with wall. Until your thighs become parallel to wall, slide against the wall. Repeat no less than 5 times by staying in that position for 40 seconds

Step 2: Walking

–Walking 1 hour on a daily basis is highly recommend for fat burn. Walking with quick pace will give you the best results.

-In buildings avoid the lift and use the stairs for a change. In order to be in a good shape and remove the thigh fat, climbing stairs is totally the best exercise.

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