Two months ate only “healthy food” – look what happened to him ?!?

He ate only food that is declared as healthy – various shakes, fruit yogurts, cereals, muesli, juices, etc., And the doctor warned him to stop immediately.

A healthy nutrition with no sugar cost Gejmeu Damon his health. He is the director of the documentary film “That Sugar Film” in which he marked the details of such a diet. After two months of eating only food that is declared as healthy – various shakes, fruit yogurts, cereals, muesli, juices, sports drinks, etc., and only the sugars that are found in them, the doctor warned him to stop.


Namely, he complained to the doctor about his sudden mood swings and obese although he’s on a diet and told him on what kind of a diet hi is.

The doctor told him that already after three weeks in him began to develop liver disease which leads to weakening of that organ. Also, the mental state became increasingly unstable.

“I do not understand, I discard all the soda, ice cream and sweets. All the sugars I ate were the in that healthy food and drinks that parents give to their children. I am not saying the diet should completely discard the sugars, but I want to warn to those hidden, as in the food they advertised as healthy, ” complained Damon, who this experiment with nutrition wanted to make him motivated from the documentary by Morgan Spurlok “Super size me”, in which for some time he didn’t eat nothing but fast food from McDonald’s, writes The Independent.


“The worst is that such food parents give to their children because they believe it is healthy. Now there are sugars in 80% of the processed food we eat, and is associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases that are one of the leading causes of death, and the development of the type two diabetes, “warns Damon.

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