What is good and what is bad for the male reproductive organ ?!?


1. Shrinkage from Too Cold or Too Hot Temperatures

Sperm production grows best in temperatures that will be slightly below normal physique temperatures. Men will most likely recognize when they are cool, their penis shrinks. According to Harvard Health Guides, the blood vessels in the penis shut straight down as a result of the cold temperature ranges, but it really will still become able to expand to its usual size when the blood flow begins. Heading from slightly below usual body’s temperature to a great increase by even two, three, or four deg, can negatively affect ejaculate and testosterone production. Males are advised to retain their genital area nice by avoiding tight slacks and warm, moist areas like hot tubs to get a long time if perhaps they are having problems conceiving with the wives.

2. Prostatic Congestion, or “Blue Balls” During Sexual Arousal

Males may frequently say they will have “blue balls, inches medically known as prostatic congestion, in particular when sexual sexual arousal levels is not followed by simply an orgasm. The testicular aching or lingering feeling of discomfort a husband feels is due to the uneven blood stream that causes an boost in the volume of blood trapped in the genital. Under the influence of this increase, the penis stays erect and the testicles engorged until the volume of blood in the genitals is reduced and the penis and the testicles come back to their regular size.


3. Alcohol Use and Erection

Drinking too much alcohol is definitely not only detrimental to the liver but for the penis’s health as well. A mans ability to get a great erection is hindered simply by drinking high doses of alcohol, or blood alcoholic beverages concentration (BAC) above. ’08, according to McKinley Well being Center at the College or university of Illinois. The lacks associated with drinking triggers less blood volume and a greater in angiotensin — the hormone associated with erectile dysfunction.

4. Smoking and Penis Arteries

This can be a known fact that smoking cigarettes cigarettes plays a part in the expansion of atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Cigarettes clog the heart’s arteries, including individuals that fill the male organ with blood during erections. The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke can harm blood vessels which may possibly cause erectile dysfunction, says the National Male Medical Clinics. Smoking can likewise cause damage with the male organ tissues that will influence the ability of a man’s penis to function normally.

5. Penis Home to Bacteria

Your skin of the penis can be an excellent environment for bacteria to multiply, but the amount of bacteria is determined by whether the man is usually circumcised or not. A study in the log American Society for Microbiology found there were fewer varieties of bacteria about the penises of any group of men who received circumcised, compared to the samples taken when that they were uncircumcised. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes several research found circumcision changes the bacteria ecology with the penile, which may make clear for what reason snipping the foreskin decreases the risk of HIV infection. The idea at the rear of this is that anaerobic bacteria — bacteria which in turn not live or develop the occurrence of fresh air — could cause the immune system to behave in a way that makes cells more susceptible to HIV infection in uncircumcised penises.

A normal penis is not merely about how precisely or very well a man performs in the bedroom, but likewise about how precisely it functions about a day-to-day basis. In case that your penis has issues getting erect, it may reflect health problems that go beyond sex. It may show that you have problems with some other organs. Remember men, your penis is a dipstick signal of health.

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