Mind-Blowing Study: 4 Brazil Nuts Immediately Lower Cholesterol For an Entire Month !

A recent study has examined the effects of Brazil nuts on cholesterol levels. The study was conducted on healthy people which consumed meals containing zero, one, four, or eight Brazil nuts, and found that the ingestion of just that single serving almost immediately improved cholesterol levels. The results showed that eating only one serving of the nuts reduced the levels of the so-called bad (LDL) cholesterol in just 9 hours, and about 20 points a day, which is more efficient than many cholesterol lowering drugs.


The participants had their cholesterol levels measured again after 5 and after 30 days when they weren’t consuming Brazil nuts and the results showed that their cholesterol levels were still down a month later!

How many Brazil nuts should you eat?

The study discovered that a smaller portion of Brazil nuts had better effects on cholesterol than consuming a bigger one. Just 4 Brazil nuts a day should significantly reduce your LDL cholesterol levels, while also raising the good (HDL) cholesterol levels for up to 30 days, and maybe longer—they didn’t test past 30.

Too good to be true?

When a study shows this kind of results and was only done on a small group of people, everyone wants to see if the results can be replicated before you change your clinical practice, before you recommend something to your patients, particularly when the study is done on only ten people, and especially when the findings are literally just too incredible to be believed. However, many people believe that this study was enough.


The scientists concluded that a single serving of the nuts was sufficient ”without producing liver and kidney toxicity.” What they’re referring to is the high selenium content of Brazil nuts and eating only four of them in a day exceeds the limits of the daily selenium allowance, but you shouldn’t worry as you’re only eating four Brazil nuts for a month.

Even if the study is a fluke, the results are very promising and should be the subject of further studies.

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