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One of the most popular dishes nowadays is sushi; however, not everyone knows how to prepare it right. Before you eat your favorite tuna rolls or salmon skin rolls, try to find out how they are being prepared. It they are not properly cooked, eating them may affect your health seriously.

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That was the case of a Chinese man, who experienced itchy skin and had digestive disorders after consuming a plate of Sashimi. Something seemed wrong, so he decided to see his doctor. When he got the results at the doctor’s, he was in shock. His body was full of parasitic worms after the meal he had. Very often, the undercooked fish contain worms known as diphyllobotrium, which can lead to a condition called Diphyllobothriasis. The symptoms that usually appear after eating some food contaminated with diphyllobothrium are:


Discomfort in the abdominal area
Losing weight

These parasitic worms can be extremely harmful as they can easily reach the brain and they are difficult to diagnose right away, so it usually takes a longer period of time for them to be diagnosed. This can lead to some serious consequences, and it can sometimes be fatal. Consuming raw or undercooked fish can lead to parasitic infections. Nevertheless, some studies show that in some cases, the fish is properly cooked.

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