All energy drinks contain ingredients extracted from the urine and the semen of bulls. The Longhorn Cattle Company has conducted a study which examined some of the top energy drink brands, including Red Bull, Monster, etc. The results of the study might leave your stomach in a knot. Namely, the results showed that these drinks contain bull semen.


The ingredient that comes under fire is the taurine, named after the Latin term for bull, Taurus. This substance, which was isolated from the ox bile in 1827 by Australian scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon, is frequently called an amino acid. However, even though this name is mentioned even in scientific literature, it is wrong, because it lacks a carboxyl group, meaning that it is not strictly an amino acid. Bull liver also contains taurine, as well as bull semen and urine, and these are the sources the taurine used in energy drinks comes from, for sure.

The taurine present in the energy drinks is a byproduct of bull testicles. This ingredient is not vegetarian friendly. This substance naturally occurs in bull bile and breast milk

In this video you can see how this substance is extracted from the bulls. This video came from one of the employees of the company that supplies this substance to the different energy drink companies. Of course, thanks to its unordinary content, this video went viral very quickly and revealed the secret they have tried to keep away from us for so long. We also need to mention that the employee who revealed this secret was then fired for violating the policy of the company.

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