These Bugs Reside In Your Bed and Harm Your Lungs and Back While You Sleep – Learn How to Kill Them Quickly, Easily and Naturally!

Do you make your bed in the morning immediately after waking up? If you do, you should know that millions of dust mites, that live in your bed are then trapped between your sheets. These mites normally feed off your sweat and dead skin cells. It is also worth knowing that the dust mites are potential health hazards and they expose you the risk of allergies and asthma.

But, unmade bed exposes these dust mites to sunlight and fresh air, both of which dehydrate and kill them. We all know that all people sweat when they sleep. The medical experts claim that average adult person can sweat up to 1 liter of fluid per night. So, sweating creates the perfect breeding environment for the dust mites. They also say that the number of dust mites “living” in an average bed can be up to 1.5 million dust mites. And as we said before, these dust mites are breeding and living off our sweat and dead skin cells, while we sleep.


The experts opine that the real problem lays not in the existence of the mites, but in the fact that they leave behind waste, which can pose serious health risks to people. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you leave your bed unmade for some time in the morning. This is to allow the bedding to dry from your previous night’s sleep.

It’s best to make your bed after you’ve taken your breakfast and prepared yourself for work. Also, it’s best to wash your sheets every week, or every fortnight. According to some experts, you can as well leave your bed unmade throughout the day, to make it once you get home in the evening.

Exposing the dust mites to light and fresh air all day, will dehydrate and kill them. Consequently, your bedroom will be a healthier place to sleep, with a breathe of fresh air.

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