Water Chart Secrets: How Much Water you Need to Drink to Lose Weight According to your Body

We all know that water is something we can’t live without that’s why we present you the Water Chart Secrets. It’s the Mother Nature’s elixir of youth, health and beauty.

We all should drink plenty of water every day. It can help you lose weight, improve your health, get a better complexion and feel refreshed and full of energy. But, many people don’t actually get it and they don’t realize that drinking water is extremely important for their health in general and to their weight loss efforts. A recent research has shown that most of the people in America don’t drink the recommended amount of daily water.

Many different studies have discovered that drinking just two cups of plain water before meals can help people lose an additional 5 lbs every year and it also helped them to maintain that steady weight loss. Well, this may actually explain why so many people have trouble reaching their weight loss goals. Maybe they aren’t drinking the recommended daily water? But, imagine if we actually drank as much water as our body needs?

Water Chart Secrets - How Much Water you Need to Drink to Lose Weight According to your Body

Yes, you should drink plenty of water every day because drinking the right amount of water will help you boost your metabolism and reduce the appetite, so you won’t eat too much. Well, this is because if we are dehydrated the lack of water causes our organism to confuse hunger and thirst. Now here are the million dollar questions – what’s the right amount of water? Does every person in the worlds needs to drink the same amount of water? Does it vary from person to person? What does this depend on?

Water Chart Secrets and Tips

Based on the Water Chart Secrets here are several tips on how to calculate how much water you need to consume in order to stay healthy and trigger weight loss.

Find out your weight – it’s extremely important for you to know your weight if you want to calculate how much water you need to drink on a daily basis. Yes, the right amount of water you should drink on daily basis should be based on your actual weight. For example, a 200 pound man shouldn’t drink the same amount of water every day as a 100 pound woman.

Your weight divided in half – now, you need to divide your weight in half to find out how much water you should drink on a daily basis. Take this for example, if your weight is 170 lbs / ½ = 85 oz. Well, this means that a person who weighs 170 lbs needs to drink 85 oz of water every day.

Activity Level

Another thing you should take into consideration is how often you work out. This is also important information because when you exercise, you sweat and expel water during the process, so you will need to compensate for the quantity of water you have lost during your workout. For every half an hour of exercise, you should add about 12 ounces of water to your recommended daily water amount, on average. Thus, if today you have worked out for an hour, you should drink 24 extra ounces of water compared to your recommended daily amount.

Or just take a look at the chart if you’re not sure about the calculations. The Water Chart Secrets are for the recommended daily water intake for a range of weights.

Well, if you see the chart for the 200 lbs, you’ll notice that he needs to drink 100 oz of water. It may seem difficult or nearly impossible to drink more than 100 oz of water every day, but here are some guidelines and tips that can help you achieve your goal.

For example, you can drink 2 cups of water (16 oz) before every meal. That’s 48 oz a day. You should drink a glass of water every morning, immediately after waking up and before you go to sleep. That’s another 32 oz. And all you have to do is divide the rest throughout the day and you are all set. You need to keep track of how much water you drink by using one specific container to drink water from and calculate how much of these you’ll need to drink.

Here are also some Drinking Water FAQ’s if you have some common questions.


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