DISCOVER: 3-Ingredient Natural Grout and Tile Cleaner – keeps tiles spotless & grime-free without chemicals

We must keep our bathroom clean because it can turn into a toxic nightmare at times. Not only the dirt mass is toxic, but also the products we use to clean our bathroom. In most of the cases, they are made out of toxic chemicals such as bleach, which is extremely harmful to our overall health. Even cleaners labeled “non-toxic” and “biodegradable” can contain ingredients that are hazardous to your health.

Therefore, it would be absolutely irresponsible to continue using those items, as they can seriously harm us and endanger our health, as we cannot protect yourself from the toxic vapors.

You need to use something that is as effective, but much less harmful. Today, we will reveal a way to make the cleaning a less toxic task, and it will undoubtedly make your life easier.


We will present you with a natural but extremely effective recipe which will help you whiten and clean your grout and tiles in a completely chemical-free way. The best part is that many of the ingredients required are common household items!

  • You will need the following ingredients in order to prepare this recipe:

– Half a cup of baking soda
– A quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide
– One teaspoon of liquid dish soap

  • Preparation:

You should make a combination of these ingredients in a small squeeze top bottle. The hydrogen peroxide is the perfect replacement for bleach and it will help you whiten and clean the stains on you tiles naturally. Baking soda acts as a disinfectant, will provide antimicrobial properties so you can use it to scrub away harmful bacteria. The baking soda will also absorb the water deposits left in between the tiles and will help get rid of unpleasant odors.

  • Use:

Apply the mixture on a soft wet sponge and scrub the tiles and bathroom areas with it, if the stains aren’t very hard to get rid of. After that rinse with water.

On the other hand, you should apply the mixture on the grout and tiles and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes for deep cleaning. It will dissolve all of the dirt that built up and the stains will be easily removed afterwards.

In the end, rinse with water, but if there is still some dirt residue, repeat the process. The results should speak for themselves.

Now when you know hot to use home products to prepare a homemade cleaning product, use it every time you clean and you will avoid all those harmful substances. The best thing is that it is as effective as store-bought alternatives.


Once you have removed all of the stains from your grout and tiles, use this second natural cleaning product to prevent further build up of dirt and stains:

All you need to do is to make a mixture from water and vinegar in a ration 1:1 and pour it in a spray bottle next to the shower. After showering, spray the shower area with this solution. Do this 2-3 times a week to get the best results.

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