POWERFUL: Ginger-Garlic Soup (Made With 52 Cloves of Garlic) Defeats Colds, Flu and Even Norovirus

You can cure your common cold and flu symptoms with ginger-garlic soup comprising of 52 cloves of natural organic garlic, onions, thyme and lemon.

It is not uncommon for people at this time of the year to come down with the flu and common cold. Garlic is effective against viruses and it’s major component — allicin is a natural chemical that will combat illnesses.

  • The amazing benefits of Allicin

Researchers of Washington State University stated that garlic is a hundred times more powerful than most of the pharmaceutical antibiotics in your local store today.

Crushed garlic converts its major ingredient – allin to allicin. This compound helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It will also help the body to avoid the generation of blood clots. Compounds in this familiar bulb kill many organisms, including bacteria and viruses that cause earaches, flu and colds. Research indicates that garlic is also effective against digestive ailments and diarrhea. What’s more, further studies suggest that this common and familiar herb may help prevent the onset of cancers.

‘This chemical has been known for a long time for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powers,’ says Helen Bond, a Derbyshire-based consultant dietitian and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association.

‘Because of this, people assume it is going to boost their immune systems. Lots of people are simply mashing up garlic, mixing it with olive oil and spreading it on bread.

‘But how or whether it may actually work has still not been proven categorically.’

Scientists are still not entirely certain how this natural herb functions. It seems that extensive research into the benefits of garlic which requires many test subjects, time and money is not something most pharmaceutical companies are willing to invest in because this herb is free and easy to procure and with no patent on this natural veggie attainable by the pharmaceutical companies they could care less.

  • Garlic as medicine

It is good to point out that garlic was used as a natural remedy for many centuries. Even the people of Ancient Egypt used it for more than 22 health problems. According to a document that is more than 3500 years old, the people who were working on the construction of the pyramids took garlic in order to boost their power and stay healthy.

In addition, Ancient Greeks praised garlic for its ability to heal infections, blood and lung problems, bug bites and leprosy. Even the Ancient Romans used garlic. The Roman soldiers and sailors ate this vegetable to boost their immunity. The personal doctor of the famous Roman emperor Nero, Dioscorides, wrote an entire book dedicated to garlic.

Today, science confirms the positive effects of eating garlic. For instance, one finding that has caught the attention of the public was that this vegetable boosts the antioxidant levels of the human body. Garlic, or Allium sativa, was used for elimination of bacteria and viruses for hundreds of years. The famous French microbiologist and chemist, Louis Pasteur, confirmed that many harmful bacteria die when they were exposed to garlic. Starting from the Middle Ages, people used garlic to heal wounds and to prevent the appearance or growth of infections. In Russia, garlic is known as Russian penicillin.

Not while ago, scientists have found evidence that garlic has a potential to keep us fit and healthy in many different ways.

Last June, scientists from the University of Florida discovered that taking garlic on a regular basis can increase the amount of T-cells in the blood. These cells are very important for the immune system and our ability to eliminate viruses.

And pharmacologists at the University of California found that allicin — the active ingredient in garlic that contributes to bad breath — is an infection-killer.

Allicin also makes our blood vessels dilate, improving blood flow and helping to tackle cardiovascular problems such as high cholesterol.

An Australian study of 80 patients published last week in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that diets high in garlic may reduce high blood pressure.

In 2007, dentists in Brazil found that gargling with garlic water (made by steeping crushed garlic cloves in warm, but not boiling, water) can kill the germs that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

But they hit a snag: the volunteers refused to continue the experiment, complaining that the garlic gargle made them feel sick. ‘Looking at the garlic soup recipe certainly made me feel queasy. Still, it gave me an excuse to use up my ample supply of garlic.’

Garlic is not good only for humans; it is good for the crops too. It turns out that garlic has the ability to eliminate snails and slugs. Experts from the University of Newcastle claim that garlic has specific oils that affect the nervous systems of snails.


  • Best way to prepare garlic

There are many ways in which you can use garlic, but in most cases, experts agree that there are two ways that have proven to be most efficient when it comes to using the positive effects of this vegetable.

For instance, researchers from Argentina found that garlic sets the allicin compounds during baking. However, the researchers from the South Carolina Medical University claim that peeling garlic and leaving it sit still for about 15 minutes brings the highest amount of allicin to combat illnesses. In other words, you can take half of the garlic cloves, peel them and leave them like that and bake the other half.When the aforementioned soup is prepared, don’t forget to use a small amount of lemon juice on top of that.

The strong scent will probably make you curious and after you take one spoon the taste will convince you that everything is alright. This is a very healthy and tasty meal, but don’t forget that one big bowl of this soup can replace one meal. When it comes to its ability to prevent and heal colds and flu, you will have to wait and see. Nutritionists advise taking this soup almost on a daily basis in order to protect yourself during winter.

Modified Garlic Soup Recipe

Serves 4




 – 26 organic garlic cloves (unpeeled)

– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) organic butter (grass fed)
– 1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder
– 1/2 cup fresh ginger
– 2 1/4 cups sliced onions
– 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
– 26 organic garlic cloves, peeled
– 1/2 cup coconut milk
– 3 1/2 cups organic vegetable broth
– 4 lemon wedges


Get your oven turned to a heat of 350 F. In a glass baking dish place 26 cloves of garlic. Have about two tablespoons of raw olive oil added. Put some some sea salt over it. Place a baking foil over the baking dish and ensure that you bake the ingredients till the garlic becomes golden brown in color and is soft (bake for about 45 minutes). Allow the dish to cool at room temperature, then squeeze the garlic and release the cloves with your fingers. Have the cloves put in a bowl.

Get a saucepan, put the butter on it and put on a high heat to melt the butter. Place the onions, cayenne powder, ginger and thyme in the melted butter and keep on cooking until the onions are transparent, this should be for about 6 minutes. Place the roasted garlic as well as the 26 raw cloves of garlic and keep cooking for about 3 minutes. You can now put the veggie broth in the saucepan cover and allow it to simmer. Allow the garlic to soften and become tender, leave for about 20 minutes for this to happen. Pour the soup in a blender and blend to get a very smooth texture. Take the soup from the blender and put back in a saucepan, then add the coconut milk. You should then heat it up and add the sea salt and cayenne pepper for added flavor and taste.

You can squeeze a single lemon wedge into the soup and it’s ready to be eaten.

Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Rewarm over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

If garlic were found to be a wonder drug, consumers could simply buy it in the supermarket for 30p a bulb or grow their own in the garden.

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